Friday, 22 April 2011

Allowing People To Reply To You From Your Comments

Have you ever had a comment sent to your email address, only to discover you can't reply to the lovely person because they have a 'no reply' tag on their email? Or maybe they have left you a question on your blog but you are unable to reply as there doesn't appear to be a contact email shown.

It could be that your comments have the same tag attached which is why people are unable to thank you for your comments.

The reason for this is because you have set your profile (either wittingly or unwittingly) to not show your email details. You are a no-reply blogger.

To check to see if this is the case, follow the steps shown below:
  1. Go to your Dashboard.
  2. Select Edit Profile.
  3. Check the box for "Show my Email Address".
  4. Save changes.
You can always set up a separate email address for this if you don't want your normal email address on an open forum for anyone to see. Maybe set up a yahoo or google email account.

I have to say that this helpful information comes from Maria Matters at Joyful Stamper.