Sunday, 20 March 2011

Changing Your Template Back To A Normal One

If you have added a new template, such as one from Leelou, but you decide you want to remove it for some reason, maybe because you've seen a background on a different site you want to add, then follow the very simple instructions below:

Click on Design in the top right corner and then the Design tab and then click on the Edit HTML link. Then click on Select Layout Template and choose a new Blogger template to use. If you wish to add a new background from a different provider, then you will need to select Simple or Minima.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pages. WENDY Spain.

samsjubblies said...

Hello. Please can you help me with my blog, it really baffles me!!! I upload photos but they seem to upload in the wrong direction, how do I change the direction of my photo? I have tried to change it in the original folder on my PC but this makes no difference. Thank you for your help. Sam x